Last Minute Notice
At the time of printing this CDRom of eProceedings, revised versions of some papers are missing. We decided to include the available version. Final revised versions will appear in August in the online electronic proceedings at //

List of Articles

  1. On the Perimeter of an Ellipse  (notebook- pdf)
    Paul Abbott
  2. Control policies for 421, a stochastic game of life  (notebook- pdf)
    Pierre Albarede
  3. An Algorithmic Approach to Manifolds  (notebook- pdf)
    Remi Barrere
  4. Event location at integration of ODEs with jumping nonlinearity  (notebook- pdf)
    Jiri Benedikt
  5. Symmetry Based Decomposition and its Application in Evolutionary Modelling System  (notebook)
    Michael Bogatyrev, Vladimir Latov, Sergey Behterev
  6. Analytical solutions of elastic regions weakened by elliptic cracks  (notebook- pdf)
    Napo Bonfoh, Alain Carmasol
  7. On a Local Study of a Fishing-net  (notebook- pdf)
    Manuel Buisson, Pascal Seng, Francis Chagneau, Roger Lewandowski
  8. Biopolymer Chain Elasticity  (notebook- pdf)
    Jean Cognet, Guillaume Santini, Christophe Pakleza
  9. A new program for solving overdetermined systems of PDE  (notebook- pdf)
    Stelios Dimas, Dimitri Tsoubelis
  10. Visualizing Complex Functions with the Cardano3 Application  (notebook- pdf)
    Murray Eisenberg, David Park Jr.
  11. Substitutions and Replacements in Mechanism Prototyping  (notebook- pdf)
    Gabor Erdos
  12. Modelling flight dynamics for real time simulator applications  (notebook- pdf)
    Laurent Farenc
  13. Magnetic Field Created by a Distribution of Conductor  (notebook- pdf)
    Emmanuel Froidefond, Bruno Autin
  14. Chaotic Dynamical Systems Tools  (notebook- pdf)
    Jean-marc Ginoux, Bruno Rossetto
  15. Teaching of mathematics for computer science students in H.E.  (notebook- pdf)
    Neil Gordon
  16. CurvesGraphics  (notebook- pdf)
    Gianluca Gorni
  17. Computing the Uncomputable Rado Sigma Function  (notebook- pdf)
    Joachim Hertel
  18. Erosion, dilation and related operators  (notebook- pdf)
    Mariusz Jankowski
  19. The Buffon needle problem revisited in a pedagogical perspective  (notebook- pdf)
    Ivar Johannesen
  20. Symbolic dynamics, the spider algorithm and finding certain real zeros of polynomials of high degree  (notebook- pdf)
    Toremoller Jonassen
  21. The Structure of Economic Models : Theory of Graphs  (notebook- pdf)
    Andre Keller
  22. Evaluation Of Financial Options using Radial Basis Functions  (notebook- pdf)
    Michael Kelly
  23. Combinatorics on Words  (notebook- pdf)
    Veikko Keranen
  24. Exploratory Toolkit for Evolutionary And Swarm-based Optimization  (notebook- pdf)
    Namrata Khemka, Christian Jacob
  25. Finding Mathematical Structures in Arts  (notebook- pdf)
    Yusuke Kiriu, Kosaku Nagasaka, Tadashi Takahashi
  26. On the Visualization of Riemann Surfaces  (notebook- pdf)
    Simo Kivela
  27. Implementing an XML-RPC Client  (notebook- pdf)
    Dario Malchiodi
  28. Convergence improvement of infinite series by linear fractions  (notebook- pdf)
    Shigeki Matsumoto
  29. Automatic generation of a provable circuit model: from VHDL to PVS  (notebook- pdf)
    Katell Morin-Allory, Dominique Borrione
  30. Mathematical Issues of Mathematica's BigFloat and Our Resolutions in SNAP Package  (notebook- pdf)
    Kosaku Nagasaka
  31. WebMathematica-based Introductory System of Mathematical Experiments  (notebook- pdf)
    Hitoshi Nishizawa, Takayoshi Yoshioka
  32. Computer Algebra in Geodesy Resection N-points problem  (notebook)
    Bela Palancz
  33. Dynamic responses of rigs subject to drag forces: exact solution with discontinuous property and loading  (notebook- pdf)
    Alexander Papusha, Tore Jonassen, Ove Gudmestad
  34. Reaction-Diffusion Dynamics in a Microreactor  (notebook- pdf)
    Igor Plazl, Mitja Lakner
  35. Designing Parallel Programs and Integrated Circuits  (notebook- pdf)
    Patrice Quinton, Tanguy Risset, Katell Morin-Allory, David Cachera
  36. M@th Desktop and the LTM Project  (notebook)
    Philip Ramsden, Reinhard Simonovits, Bernd Thaller
  37. Warping a neuro-anatomy atlas on 3D MRI data with Radial Basis Functions  (notebook- pdf)
    Joris Korbeeck, Edwin Bennink, Arjan Jansen, Marc Koppert, Roger Lahaije, Thomas Plantenga, Bart Janssen, Bart ter Haar Romeny
  38. Nonseparable 2D Wavelet Filters  (notebook- pdf)
    Susumu Sakakibara
  39. Divisibility and State-Complexity  (notebook- pdf)
    Klaus Sutner
  40. Effects of Kinetic Friction on the Run-time of a Bead Sliding Along a Catenary Under Gravity Pull  (notebook- pdf)
    Haiduke Sarafian
  41. Surface Logic  (pdf)
    Andrew Saunders, Amie Nulman
  42. Symbolic computations in viscoelasticity and anisotropic elasticity  (notebook- pdf)
    Fabio Cavallini,Géza Seriani
  43. Modelling the Thyroid Geometry  (notebook- pdf)
    Giulia Spaletta
  44. Exploring Data Structures  (notebook)
    Fred Spiring
  45. Series-Parallel Circuit Construction: a Narrative with a Surprise  (notebook- pdf)
    Barrie Stokes
  46. Enclosure of range of multivariate polynomial  (notebook- pdf)
    Tomasz Strek
  47. Integration of Mathematica in the Large Hadron Collider  (notebook)
    Jerome Beauquis, Elena Wildner
  48. Optimization of Neutrino Rates in a new Beta Beam Complex  (notebook)
    Elena Wildner, Michael Benedikt, Natalia Emelianenko, Adrian Fabich, Steven Hancock, Mats Lindroos
  49. DGeometrica - A package for differential geometry  (notebook- pdf)
    Yoshihiko Tazawa
  50. Visual Quantum Mechanics  (notebook- pdf)
    Bernd Thaller
  51. An isothermal gas flow in porous medium  (notebook- pdf)
    Anita Uscilowska
  52. Statistical Inference Package SIP  (notebook- pdf)
    Esa Uusipaikka
  53. Management of Queuing Systems: effects of cooperation  (notebook)
    Frits Van Merode
  54. Teaching Mathematics and Doing history of mathematics  (notebook- pdf)
    Norbert Verdier
  55. An analytical model for the optimal choice of tightening forces of a high performance flange  (notebook)
    Pascal Vieville, Denis Tais, Paul Lipinski
  56. Automatic generation regular languages from regular grammars  (notebook- pdf)
    Sasamike Vukasinovic, Predrag Stanimirovic
  57. Modelling of motion in water slides  (notebook)
    Ryszard Walentynski, Piotr Szczepaniak
  58. Bifurcating Solutions of Nonlinear PDEs  (notebook- pdf)
    Jay Wolkowisky
  59. Interweaving: A Research into Architectural Space Through Homotopic Functions  (pdf)
    Yevgeniy Beylkin, Margarita Valova, Elif Erdine
  60. Interactive Transformations of Expressions  (notebook- pdf)
    Bernhard Zgraggen
  61. Bump Mapping with MathGL3d  (notebook- pdf)
    Jens-peer Kuska
  62. Accelerating Mathematica with Clearspeed  (notebook)
    Simon Mc Intosh
  63. Asymptotic Formula for Large Solutions of the p-Laplacian in 1D  (pdf)
    Petr Girg