Venue and programme

The eigth International Mathematica Symposium (IMS'06) will be held at the Conference Center of Popes' Palace in Avignon - France, from June 19th to June 23rd, 2006. Located in the south of France, not far from Marseille and close to the Mediterranean sea, Avignon welcomes its well known festival every year in July.

The Conference Center of Popes' Palace

IMS'06, will be held at the Conference Center of Popes' Palace in Avignon, France (photos: sky view, entrance, reception, theater, secret passage, dining room).
Dining room of conference center
Skyview Conference center entrance Conference center reception Conference center theater Secret passage

The International Congress Center of Pope's Palace provides you with a hotel reservation service until March, 23th, 2006. This service is directly available in the registration form of the symposium. You can also get information and help about accommodation at the URL :  Nevertheless, you must be aware that booking in the city and its surroundings will be difficult, even before March 23th, because of high touristic frequentation.

The University of Avignon

The university (site in French) of Avignon is organized in three departments: human and social sciences, science and technology, economy and law. In connection with other regional institutions in Aix-Marseille and Arles, its research activities are organized in about fifteen laboratories on such topics as : history, communication, management, law, theater, computer science, mathematics, biochemistry and earth sciences. University logo

The City of Avignon

City of history and city of theater, Avignon is known for the famous Pont d'Avignon and also the Popes' Palace where the symposium will be held. The tourism office of Avignon and the city website give information about possible visits (cathedrals, museums, galleries…), accommodation, shopping, gastronomy (pubs, restaurants…), events and various practical services, in particular maps. Started in 1947 by Jean Vilar, the well known theater festival attracts every year in July nearly 120 000 spectators come to discover dance, theater or music shows.

Saint Benezet bridge Map of Avignon Walk

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Local Facilities

You may find information about bus or shuttle transportations (tcra - in French), biking (in French), car rental… (see also the menu Travel Information on the left).

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The Surroundings

Well known for its festival, Avignon is situated in the region of Provence, not far from the seaside as well as the Alpes mountain (photos kindly lent by Pierre Albarède).

Morgiou Tarascon  
  1.1 Seaside at Morgiou
  1.2 Leisure in Tarascon
  1.4 Baux-de-Provence

  2.2 Seaside at Carro
  2.3 Sunset in Fos/mer
  2.4 Leisure in Ubaye
Seaside at Carro Sunset in Fos/mer Leisure in Ubaye

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The most celebrated activity in Avignon is the theater festival which attracts every year 120 000 spectators come to attend dance, theater or music shows. It stands in July, next to IMS'06.

Social Programme

A social programme is considered. More information will be given later.


Conference Excursion

In addition, a conference excursion is planned in the surroundings of Avignon. The destination and conditions will be specified later.