12th International Mathematica Symposium
January 12 - 14, 2015
Prague, Czech Republic

The paper submission is done via submission portal. Your contribution will be accepted for presentation based on an abstract.

To submit Your abstract follow these steps:

  1. 1.Go to the submission portal and click “Make Submission”

  2. 2.Fill-in required information - Title, Authors and Contact Information.

  3. 3.Consider carefully Topic(s) of your presentation and check appropriate boxes. Relevance of Your abstract to the topic will be also taken into account and Your presentation will be scheduled accordingly.

  4. 4.The place for your abstract is right below the topics. The abstract is plain text. Don not forget to fill-in also keywords.

  5. 5.Fill in the password and do not forget it - you can update your submission later using this password and ID you will receive after the initial submission. You will need the password also when uploading the final presentation.

  6. 6.Click “Make Submission” and you are finished.

You can update your abstract prior the submission deadline by clicking on “Edit Submission” in submission portal. You have to provide your password and ID you received in the email.

Please use the submission portal also for the FULL PAPER submission (use your submission ID and your password to log in). The preferred form of submission is the Mathematica notebook using the IMS Full Paper Template based on the Mathematica Journal stylesheet:


The preferred template for presentation at the International Mathematica Symposium:


Use the zip archive to submit you Full paper. If there are some additional files (data, images, etc.) which you would like to publish along with the paper, please include them in the uploaded zip file.

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