IMS'95 Papers

IMS'95 Papers

The following papers are included in the Proceedings of IMS'95:

(the Proceedings, Mathematics with Vision, ISBN 1 85312 386 2, are available in hardcover from the publisher Computational Mechanics Publications, Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst, Southampton, SO40 7AA; Fax +44 1703 292853)

Keynote Lectures

A. Hayes
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
Mathematica and people - making the future

ETH Zurich, Institute of Theoretical Computer Science, Zurich, Switzerland
Term rewriting and programming paradigms

Computation in Engineering

G. Dasgupta
Columbia University, NY, USA
Reliability Analysis with Interval Arithmetic

T.E. Daughters
AT&T Bell Laboratories, MA, USA
Calculating Confidence Intervals for a Quality Figure of Merit

A. Hanafi and P. Maitre
Universite de Franche-Comte, Besancon, France
Application of a Mechanical Model to a Structure Created for Shaping Quartz Using Ultrasonic Waves

K. Schilling
FH Ravensburg-Weingarten, Weingarten, Germany
The Use of Computer Algebra Systems to Analyse Properties of Satellite Orbits

Computation in Physics and Chemistry

D.J. Gilbert
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Spectral Analysis of One-Dimensional Schrödinger Operators Using Series Solutions

P. Mitic
LSU College of Higher Education, Southampton, UK
An Object-Orientated Environment for Newtonian Particle Mechanics

J. Suhonen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
O. Lähde, Rovaniemi Institute of Technology, Finland
Combining Symbolic and Numerical Computing in the Multi-Band-Phonon-Projection-Model

A.J. Woodcock, A.C. Norris and P. Mitic
LSU College of Higher Education, Southampton, UK
The Application of Mathematica to Chemical Parameter Optimization

Computer Science: Theory and Application

C. Jacob
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen, Germany
Genetic L-System Programming: Breeding and Evolving Artificial Flowers with Mathematica

V. Keränen
Rovaniemi Institute of Technology, Rovaniemi, Finland
Mathematica in Research of Avoidable Patterns in Strings

E. Papaefstathiou, D.J. Kerbyson, G.R. Nudd and T.J. Atherton
University of Warwick, Coventry, UK
A Mathematica Pre-Processor for Performance Analysis of Parallel Systems

K. Sutner
Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ, USA
The State of Automata

Data Interpolation

N.A. Lobo
Nokia Mobile Phones, Camberley, UK
Curve Fitting Using Spline Sections of Different Orders

M.I. Ratliff
Northern Arizona University, AZ, USA
Qualitative Influence in Simple Linear Regression

S. Sakakibara
Iwaki Meisei University, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima-ken, Japan
Denoising with Compactly Supported B-Spline Wavelets

Differential Equations

A.V. Bocharov
Wolfram Research Inc., IL, USA
Symmetry Notebooks of Ordinary Differential Equations

P.T. Ruhoff, E. Praestgaard and J.W. Perram
Universities of Odense and Roskilde, Denmark
Symbolic Derivation and Numerical Integration of the Equations of Motion for Constrained Dynamical Systems Using Mathematica

S.V. Utyuzhnikov, D.H. Gan'zha, A.V. Konyukhov and V.V. Polukhin
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dolgoprudny, Russia
Numerical Algorithms on Moving Adaptive Grids for Modelling a Comet Penetration into the Atmosphere of a Planet

Technical University of Silesia, Gliwice, Poland
Application of Mathematica for Solving Analytical Problems in Theory of Shells


G. Di Biase
G. D'Annunzio University, Pescara, Italy
Handling Conditional Events and Probability Assessments by Mathematica

K.W. Heiner
SUNY at New Paltz, New York, USA
Computerized Interactive Stratification in Statistical Audits

O. Jauri and P. Toivonen
Currency Derivatives Ltd., Helsinki, Finland
Risk Management Information System: Value-at-Risk Analysis with Stochastic Simulation

J.V. Paz and J.D. Montoro
University of Valencia, Spain
Classic Economic Dynamics: A Neo-Ricardian Approach to Economic Growth and Income Distribution by Means of Mathematica


K. Antchev, J. Multisilta and S. Pohjolainen
Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Mathematica as Part of a Hypermedia Learning Environment

D.R. Johnson, Western Michigan University
J.A. Buege, the Upjohn Company, MI, USA
Rethinking the Way We Teach Undergraduate Physics and Engineering with Mathematica

P. Kent, P. Ramsden and J.Wood
Imperial College, London, UK
Mathematica for Valuable and Viable Computer-Based Learning

P.J. Simonich and M.R. Perusse
USAF Academy, Colorado, USA
Propagating Mathematica Across the United States Air Force Academy Curriculum

Fractals and Chaos

J.M. Gutierrez and A. Iglesias, University of Cantabria, Spain
M.A. Rodriguez and V.J. Rodrigez, Institute of Adv. Studies in Modern Physics, CSIC, Spain
Fractal Image Generation Using Iterated Function Systems

A. Iglesias, M.A. Matias, J. Güemez and J.M. Gutierrez
Universities of Cantabria and Salamanca, Spain
Controlling Chaos with Mathematica

M.J.T. Weber
Carroll College, Helena, MT, USA
Exploring Fractal Geometry with Mathematica

J.H. Wolkowisky
University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
Exploring the Double Pendulum as a Dynamical System


B. Autin, CERN, Geneve, Switzerland
D. Monasse, Paris, France
S. Perreard, Saint Etienne, France
Descartes-2D, a Program to Do Perfect Drawing and Geometry by Computer

M. Chikara
University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
Automatic Human Movement Analysis Using QuickTime and MathLink Program

N.A. Gordon
University of Hull, UK
Mathematica and Finite Geometry

H.B. Griffiths and A.J. Oldknow
Chichester Institute of Higher Education, Bognor Regis, UK
The Significance of Computer Algebra for Researching the Geometry of the Triangle

Mathematical Algorithms

D. Bini and G. Fiorentino
University of Pisa, Italy
An Adaptive Multiprecision Algorithm for Univariate Polynomial Zeros

J.R. Gomez and A. Jimenez-Merchan
University of Sevilla, Spain
The Graded Algebras of a Class of Lie Algebras

Y. Papegay and S. Dalmas
INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, France
QUATERNICA: A Package for Manipulating Expressions Involving Quaternions

G.V. Zhuvikin, P.E. Borisov and A.V. Sepman
Saint Petersburg University, Russia
Computer Transformations in Non-Commutative Algebra of the N-Body Quantum System Symmetry

Mathematical Physics

R. Barrere, Universite de Franche-Comte, Besancon, France
A. Carmasol, Universite de Metz, France
Approximate Solutions of Boundary-Value Problems Using Computer Algebra Software

R. Barrere
Universite de Franche-Comte, Besancon, France
Approximate Symbolic Calculations with a Functional Computing Environment

V.B. Buber
Murmansk State Marine Academy, Russia
Calculations of Gamma Induced Electromagnetic Field in a Cavity

V.I. Demidov
Murmansk Teacher Training Institute, Russia
Application of Mathematica in a Probe Study of Electron Energy Distribution in a Plasma

Stochastic and Heuristic Systems

J.M. Gutierrez and C. Solares
University of Cantabria, Spain
Some Graph Algorithms for Causal Network Expert Systems

E. Castillo, A. Iglesias and A. Cobo
University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain
A Package for Symbolic Solution of Functional Equations

S. Chakravarthy and T. Dimitrova
GMI Engineering and Management Institute, Flint, MI, USA
Service Control of a Queueing System with Nonrenewal Arrivals and Phase Type Services

E. Castillo and J.M. Gutierrez, University of Cantabria, Spain
A.S. Hadi, Cornell University, USA
Symbolic Propagation in Discrete and Continuous Bayesian Networks