Symbolic Computations in Problems of Mechanics

Banshchikov Andrej V., Bourlakova Larissa A., Ivanova Galina N., Irtegov Valentin D., Titorenko Tatyana N.
Institute of System Dynamics and Control Theory
Siberian Branch Russian Academy of Sciences
134, Lermontov str., Irkutsk, 664033, Russia

In the report long-term experience of the authors on development of algorithms and automation of a research of complicated mechanical and controlled systems is considered. We have created specialized systems of computer algebra (CAS) and software packages "Dynamics", "Mechanic" possibility and the algorithms of which are described in [1-5 and other]. Currently we are developing software system [6-9] for solving mechanical problems based on CAS "Mathematica" [10]. The software allows to automatize, and consequently, essentially to speed up processes of modelling and dynamic analysis of complicated systems, to avoid errors at all stages of researches. The base of the algorithms, which are realized in these packages, was formed by classical methods of analytical mechanics and stability theory. Our experience with symbolic computation packages allows us to conclude that CAS are perspective tool for researches in the eld of theoretical mechanics.