Interactive Image Processing FrontEnd using MathLink

Junzo SATO, RoboDog, JAPAN
Chikara MIYAJI, University of Tsukuba, JAPAN
Mariusz Jankowski, University of Southern Maine, USA

It is not easy for commercial image processing softwares to add image processing effects or create new functions by combining tools.  MATHEMATICA facilitates writing extensions because mathematical expressions of image processing are achieved and functions are defined simply. On the other hand, the existing Notebook FrontEnd lacks interactive processing such as direct manipulation of the graphics image with a mouse. Thus the authors have developed, using MathLink, an Interactive Image Processing FrontEnd (for short, Image Processing FrontEnd) with a variety of extensions. With this Image Processing FrontEnd, both the image processing can be done interactively and MATHEMATICA's  programming ability is effectively used. Advantages of this software are as follows:
1) A mouse and menus are available to draw pictures, similar to painting softwares.
2) It can read and write various graphic formats of image files.
3) Image processing operations are defined as MATHEMATICA functions.
4) Responses of a mouse and menus are defined as MATHEMATICA functions.